Hello all,

Just wanted to welcome everyone.  I am Michelle.  Today is April 24, 2009.  This is the first of many newsletters to inform those reading this about the upcoming events.  In May there are Cinco de Meyo, Mother's Day and Memorial Day.  All of these are great opportunities either capture memories on your camera, or give a gift of a DVD slideshow.  Cinco de Meyo is on May 5, 2009.  Mother's Day is May 10, 2009, and Memorial Day is May 25, 2009. 

Cinco de Meyo

If you have a wonderful time at a Cinco de Meyo celebration capture it on your camera.  When the festivities have ended, if it is on a film camera - take the pictures to get developed, if they are on a digital camera - burn them on a DVD in order you want them to appear, Send it to us and we can help you savor the day for a very long time.  Just follow the steps on the Contact sheet and email us so we can tell you where to send it.

Mother's Day

What better way to tell Mom you love her than to put all her memories onto a musical DVD?  She will cherish that gift for a long time because she knows that you had it in your heart to give her something very special.  We all know how much Mom's love pictures of us growing up and the videos of us growing up.  Why not give her the gift of memories that she looks at often on a DVD.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a special day for our troops.  If you have a military family or friend this is a good way of telling THANK YOU for all you do.  These men and women sacrifice their freedom and families and sometimes their own lives to make sure that we are free.  Gather your pictures of your serviceman or woman and gather the music you desire to go along with the pictures and send it to us.  If your serviceman or woman is overseas, you can send us their address we can send the DVD to them and send you the pictures back.

Just another thought before I leave you.  Your memories are blessed because Jesus Christ died on the cross for you. Believe in Him and watch what joy you have in Him.